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Z2Data's Part Risk Manager allows you to easily upload your most complex BOMs and populate data in a matter of seconds. Reorganizing and cleaning your BOMs in order to match a specific format takes a lot of time, effort, and is subject to human error. You may be forced to rename columns or rearrange your data in order to analyze your BOM effectively. Z2Data can help. Z2Data's Part Risk Manager can automatically label the column names and the advanced software will analyze your BOM.

When uploading your BOM in Z2Data we can handle any size and format, at a bare minimum all we need is a column with MPNs and another with supplier names, and once this data is uploaded, the tool will populate and analyze your data accordingly. After uploading your BOMs you can save it to the tool in order to quickly access, analyze, and adjust it from that point on. Simply upload it one time, save it to a folder and the Part Risk Manager will maintain your BOM for you.

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