Z2Data SCRM Platform

Design and source for product resilience, manage and mitigate supply chain risks, transcend industry regulatory standards, build resiliency and sustainability into your operational DNA.

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One Platform to Manage Supply Chain Risk (SCRM)

Design and Source for Product Resilience
Design • Analyze • Monitor

Manage your internal components and external manufacture part numbers (IPN, MPN) level & Product (BOM) level risks. Assess your design and sourcing dependencies, forecast lifecycle, compare parts, plan crosses, and discover alternate suppliers with real-time data on market availability, lead time, pricing, PCN and obsolescence data. Monitor and quickly mitigate any potential disruptions.

Transcend Industry Regulatory Standards
Assess • Manage • Report

Protect your brand, reputation, and investments by ensuring regulatory, trade & ESG compliance. Access component, product, and supplier compliance, manage your documentation and create the reports and certifications you need for product and trade compliancy. Achieve your corporate responsibility goals and avoid any operational disruption, litigation, or negative publicity.

Safeguard Your Supply Chain
Map • Anticipate • Mitigate

Have deep visibility to your tier 1, 2, sub tier suppliers, country dependencies, economic, geo-political, commodity, raw material, labor, cyber-security, global health, and natural disaster disruptions. Anticipate, mitigate, and proactively plan for risk to your supply chain by receiving real-time alerts and analytics.

Strengthen & Build Strategic Partnerships
Evaluate . Score . Execute

Evaluate and manage your suppliers in their financial positioning, location dependencies, environmental, social responsibility, and sustainability practices. Analyze, build risk scores, and make intelligent strategic business partnerships. Receive real-time alerts on any changes that may impact your operation or brand integrity.

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