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Data to Build Tomorrow's Healthcare Supply Chain

The healthcare and medical device supply chain network grows in complexity and poses unpredictable challenges every day. Heavy reliance on performance and deliverability of medical devices means data-driven decisions are critical to supply chain risk mitigation. Companies leverage Z2Data to manage components, suppliers, and mitigate global disruptions. All of this to build a healthier and more resilient supply chain--with less costs along the way.

Increase Efficiency and Profitability​

Achieve operational excellence in a volatile global marketplace

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Z2Data: Essential for Consumer Electronics

Approved Vendors

Mitigate supplier selection by purchasing from approved vendors. View real-time pricing and inventory all on one platform.

Supplier Selection & Mapping

Map and compare 10,000 suppliers. View risk analysis with part-to-site mapping of tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers.

Lifecycle Forecasts

Plan accordingly with latest lifecycle forecasts and analyses to avoid redesigns.

Lead time & Pricing

Lead time, pricing, and inventory are found and frequently updated within Z2Data’s Part Risk Manager from authorized and private distributors.

BOM Analysis

Upload your entire bill of materials and view complex reports regarding lifecycle forecasts, compliance criteria, and risk analysis for your parts.

Compliance Certifications

Easily meet compliance standards with document sources and full material declarations for RoHS, Reach, and more.

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