Comprehensive data on your suppliers

Manage supplier selection risk by accessing data on over 20,000+ suppliers. Easily access financial records, complete supplier profiles, patent filings, management changes, active and past litigations and get alerted on mergers and acquisitions of your direct and indirect suppliers. Analyze risk on your current and prospective suppliers to understand and mitigate risk to your supply chain.

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Conduct Supplier Risk Analysis

Z2Data’s proprietary scoring algorithm predicts supplier’s risk of bankruptcy and assigns risk scores to determine the financial health of the supplier and its major impact on your supply chain.

Access Complete Supplier Profiles

Instantly access deep profiles on your current and prospective suppliers with data ranging from management changes, financial histories, patent filings, contact information, active and past litigations and M&A activity.

Map Supplier Manufacturing Locations

Easily view manufacturing locations of your suppliers. Quickly assess risk with a comprehensive view of your suppliers' FABs, factories and assembly locations.

Monitor Suppliers with Alerts

Get alerted for important events concerning your suppliers such as mergers and acquisitions, new litigations with competitors, management changes and notifications concerning disasters that can affect business continuity.

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