Transparency Score

What your supplier is willing to share

When Z2Data calculates risk around a company and assigns them a risk score we are taking multiple factors into account such as their financials, their supply chain, their product data, and how transparent they are with information. The risk score tells you how susceptible a company is to external risk that could affect its business and in turn your own. Many companies choose to keep information confidential, particularly around whether they are compliant with certain rules and regulations. If a company is not forthcoming with their data and compliance information, it could mean that they have something to hide which would be a red flag for you as you evaluate your potential/current supplier. With Supplier Insights, you can work with more transparent suppliers and avoid unknown risks to your business.

Upon request from our customers, Z2Data can also contact suppliers for data/information that you may be concerned with knowing. If a supplier is unwilling to share the information even when it would only be seen by you, then you might want to take this into account and investigate further. The lack of transparency about regulations, compliance, manufacturing location, partners, and other data is taken into account for the transparency score at Z2Data and thus the overall score on whether or not this is a risky supplier to work with. The score is displayed in our application out of 5 stars. If a supplier has 5 stars then they are completely transparent and you can see that transparency reflected in the data that Z2Data has on your suppliers.

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