Supplier Product Portfolios

Receive information on your supplier's product lines

A part that is extremely valuable to your product may not be generating large amounts of revenue for your supplier's business, which could lead to earlier obsolescence and engineering teams scrambling to find a new part that is essential to your business. Z2Data's Supplier Insights provides a full list of the products your suppliers carry and the revenue associated with those products. Through Supplier Insights you can make smarter decisions around the parts you buy as you know your supplier will continue to carry them. This information can be used to negotiate costs with suppliers when buying products that have been experiencing financial declines or those that are on the rise.

This way you can track your most essential products and break into certain product markets at a cheaper price than what you are currently paying. You can also rest assured that your parts will be carried for years and your teams will not have to scramble to search for anything that is no longer provided.

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