Supplier Financial Health Risk

Understand your supplier's risk for bankruptcy

When choosing to do business with a new supplier or monitoring your current suppliers, you may be very concerned with their financials. Z2Data's Supplier Insights provides you with a financial risk score for you to understand the risk associated with working with a particular supplier or set of suppliers. You can make sure your supplier will be financially stable for years to come. The score measures the risk of bankruptcy within the next 2 years. The score is based on a number of factors such as liquidity, profitability, leverage, year over year growth, and market performance.

A supplier is measured on a score of 0-100 and the score ranges have the following definitions:

  • Strong: High growth rates, stable profits and can easily cover short and long term obligations (71-100)
  • Stable: Medium to Low growth rates and can cover short and long term obligations (41-70)
  • Weak: Continuous losses and cannot cover short and long term obligations leading to a high probability of bankruptcy within the next two years (0-40)

Z2Data constantly tracks the supplier's financials through a dedicated team of financial analysts who update the site regularly. This way you know that every quarter your suppliers are being assessed and reevaluated in case the financial risk increases.

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