Supplier Insights

Supplier Relationships

Who your supplier works and competes with

In the event of shortages and allocations, you may want to know who your supplier's largest customers are. By doing so you can understand if your supplier will still support you even in their time of crisis. Z2Data provides a list of all of your supplier's customers, each with their own risk score for you to understand how stable your supplier's customer base is.

Z2Data shows who your supplier's suppliers are as well as their partners so that you can assess the health of their supply chain. If one of your supplier's suppliers is at high risk then you may begin to think that your supplier can be effected.

Gain more buying options by understanding who your supplier's competitors and distributors are in case you want to make changes to your supplier base. All companies that are listed in Supplier Insights are evaluated by a team of analysts and each supplier is given a risk score for you to understand who is stable and who is more susceptible to external risks such as financial collapse, supply chain disruptions, litigations, etc.

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