Product Data Score

How transparent is your supplier regarding their product portfolios?

Z2Data's product data score enables you to look deeper into the risk of suppliers based on how transparent they are regarding releasing information about a particular part. The more transparent and accurate they are regarding their products, the higher their scores will be.

Failing to provide information regarding products can be alarming and worth taking into consideration when choosing suppliers. Having in-depth information regarding capabilities, parametric features, price, etc. is critical in designing products, so it is important that the suppliers that you are working with are willing to give you that information. Gain complete visibility into your supplier's products and make better design decisions with Z2Data's Supplier Insights.

Z2Data's intelligent solutions and data teams collect and analyze data and news regarding a supplier's products so you can be confident with the business decisions you are making about your suppliers. With various suppliers that may sell the same component, you can assess the risk of each one and choose the best option that fits your needs.

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