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Rather than looking at information on suppliers that you currently utilize or are familiar with (typing a supplier's name one by one), you can search by looking at all suppliers in a specific industry, whether they are private or public, or if they are suppliers that operate in a specific product line you are concerned with. You can also look at suppliers based on the country they are headquartered in. You can broaden your understanding of who to work with by discovering every supplier in your space.

Z2Data's Supplier Insights contains information on suppliers operating in over 140 industries and can cover every supplier in the industry you are concerned with. You can also look for all "strong" suppliers in our database (suppliers who have a very low risk). A supplier is defined as having a low risk based on a number of scales that Z2Data provides to measure how strong a company's fundamentals and performance are. The overall score is made up of a number of sub-scores such as financials, growth, transparency, product data availability, etc. This capability allows you to dive deeper into your industry, your product line, or geography rather than only researching the suppliers you know of by name. If a supplier seems interesting you can begin to compare them with other suppliers or save them for future research you plan to do down the line.

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