Supplier Insights

Product & Geographic Segment Analysis

Analyze your suppliers business through segmentation

Understanding your supplier's financial situation may be the most important when assessing the risk associated with your suppliers. Z2Data brings you detailed financial statistics and reports on your suppliers. Supplier Insights provides you with income statements, balance sheets, cash flows, historical trend data, and allows you to apply filters around the periods you seek to analyze.

In addition to providing you overall financial information, Z2Data goes deeper and breaks up financials by geographic and product segments. This way you can understand if the specific business line you are concerned with is profitable or dropping. By understanding the profitable geographic regions you can account for which portions of the business will be kept and which you might see reductions in times of crisis. If you are working with a weaker part of your supplier's business then you might want to think about choosing alternatives. The segmentation of your supplier's financial information allows you to make more informed decisions about your supplier's lines of business.

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