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Complete data on your components & supply chain.

Z2Data analyzes billions of data points on electronic components, suppliers, markets, countries, live events and news on one centralized platform enabling you to effectively manage external risks affecting your supply chain.
Complete data on your components & supply chain.

1 Billion+ Electronic Components

Access deep parametric, obsolescence, lifecycle, cross reference, compliance and forecasting data on every component in your BOMs.

150,000+ Suppliers

Mitigate supplier selection risk based on financials, mergers & acquisitions, patent litigations and vendor rankings across 1000s of product categories.

30,000+ Manufacturing Sites

Manage global risk exposure by instantly tracking your suppliers' manufacturing locations, tiered dependencies, factories and assembly sites.

You’re in good company

End-to-end solutions for your entire supply chain.

Z2Data's software and data products provide comprehensive coverage that manages and mitigates enterprise risk for roles ranging from Component Engineers, Design Engineers, Supply Chain Management and Business Continuity leadership.
Part Risk Manager

Part Risk Manager

Access comprehensive data on lifecycle, regulatory compliance, availability and cross references.

1 Billion+ Components

Data for MPNs, BOMs, AVLs

Cross References & Compare

Lifecycle Status & Forecasts

BOM Analysis & Reports

And a lot more.

Supply Chain Watch

Supply Chain Watch

Track manufacturing locations, supplier dependencies, disruptions and conduct global site risk analysis.

30,000+ Manufacturing Sites

Direct & Sub-Tier Relationships

FAB, Factory & Assembly Sites

Part to Site Mapping

Supply Chain Risk Analysis

And a lot more.

Supplier Insights

Supplier Insights

Manage risk based on suppliers' financials, M&A, patent litigations, and vendor rankings.

150,000+ Suppliers & Companies

Supplier Selection Risk Analysis

Complete Company Profiles

Financials, Patents & Litigation

Alerts on Flagged Events, M&A

And a lot more.

Alert Tracker

Alert Tracker

Monitor dynamic status changes with components, supplier changes, natural disasters and disruptions.

10,000+ PCNs Tracked Monthly

Track Applicable PCNs & Events

JEDEC Compliance for Audits

Monitor Disruption Events

Z2 Custom Supplier Contacts

And a lot more.

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