One Platform to Manage Supply Chain Risk

Build resilience in engineering, compliance, & procurement powered by the world's most comprehensive supply chain and component data.

Bridge the Information Divide

Access to the world's most comprehensive electronic supply chain data

Electronic Components
Worldwide Suppliers
Manufacturing Sites

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One Flexible, Integrated, and Collaborative Platform

Data-driven tools for

ESG Strategist

Design Engineers

Compliance Managers

Supply Chain Managers

Component Engineers

Business Leadership

Part Risk Manager

Design intelligently & get ahead of market shortages.

1 Billion+ Components
Deep Data for MPNs, AVLs
Lifecycle Status & Forecasts
10,000+ PCNs Tracked
Cross Reference & Compare
BOM Analysis & Reports

Compliance Manager

Meet your compliance & ESG objectives.

Manage Documentation
Collaboration Tools
Download FMDs and COCs
Export to PLM or ERP tools
Monitor 105+ Regulations

Supply Chain Watch

Gain tiered visibility & mitigate disruptions.

30,000+ Manufacturing Sites
Sub-Tier Relationships
FAB, Factory, Assembly Sites
Map Entire Supply Chain
Real-time Event Monitoring
Real-time Market Alerts

Sub-Tier Intelligence

Identify risky and banned sub-tier entities

UFLPA Compliance
Forced Labor Exposure
Sub-tier supplier mapping
Material Level Analysis
Country Dependency Risk
Alerts on New Banned Entities

PCN Manager

Manage & receive alerts on all your parts

Manage all PCNs
View PCN Documentation
Deduplicate PCNs
Create Alerts & Reports on PCNs
PCNs by supplier

Supplier Insights

Build strong & secure strategic partnerships.

150,000+ Suppliers
Supplier Risk Analysis
Supplier Compliance
Complete Company Profiles
Financials, Patents
Alerts on Events, M&A

"Z2Data fills a critical gap for our purchasing... so we don’t end up with stoppages. It has been a valuable tool allowing our organization to avoid supply driven product redesigns and, alternatively, massive inventory over-purchasing."

James Slider

"The great thing about Z2Data is that it has been evolving with the industry and global requirements. The tool has been helping us more and more as we have been using it, and the benefits to the company have been increasing with our usage."

Nicole Lie
Program Delivery Manager for Strategic Initiatives, Rakon

"Z2Data touches all aspects of the component, from design to manufacturing. It not only saves me time but also that of the regulatory compliance, procurement, and design teams. Each departments saves so much time using Z2Data’s platform."

Adam Doolittle
Component Engineer, QSC

"What we’re now doing is building out a global component library with a connector – or data feed – from Z2Data, which is the world’s most comprehensive aggregator of electronic component-level attribute information.

Heath A. Nunnemacher
VP of Global Electronics Sourcing, Techtronic Industries

Increase Efficiency and Profitability​

Achieve operational excellence in a volatile global marketplace.

Develop a Resilient Supply Chain Risk Management Program

Design & Source for Product Resilience.
Forecast • Track • Act    

Design, forecast, and source intelligently by creating a flexible, durable product design and multi-sourcing.

Compare parts, plan crosses and alternate suppliers with real-time data on market availability, lead time, pricing, PCN and obsolescence data.

Track and quickly mitigate any potential disruptions to your supply chain with real-time alerts and built-in collaboration tools.  

Safeguard Your Supply Chain.
Plan • Prevent • Mitigate

Bridge operational data silos by merging and integrating your internal and external data (IPN, MPN) and optimizing your ERP, MRP, PLM, procurement, supply chain management, fiscal planning, and operations.  

Map and monitor your supply chain creating visibility into your suppliers down to the sub-tier level, geographic location, and country of origin. Proactively diversify any dependencies to prevent disruptions and build a resilient supply chain.

Analyze and identify your component, geographical and supplier risk factor with Z2Data’s proprietary risk scoring and dashboard tools and mitigate risk in real-time.

Build Strategic Partnerships.
Discern • Strengthen • Execute

Build smart partnership by developing insight into your supplier dependencies, business practices, durability, and longevity.   

Strengthen your procurement, product lifecycle and supply chain plans by identify key supply chain risk metrics and create a scoring mechanism.

Develop a risk management process and playbook for the long-term viability and pivot your operations to build a flexible, robust, and durable supply chain.  

Transcend Industry Regulations.
Compliance • CSR • ESG    

Manage your product regulatory compliance and responsible sourcing requirements with in-depth data on more than one billion parts, over 150,000 suppliers and 30,000 manufactures and real-time alerts on government regulations updates (RoHS, REACH, Prop65, CMRT, UFLPA, and more …)

Develop a due-diligence program, generate certificates and reports to assist in your audit and compliance management process.

Strengthen your brand loyalty and investor confidence by meeting your CSR & ESG goals.  

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