Sub-Tier Intelligence

Instantly identify risky and banned sub-tier entities using supplier relationships, component material analysis, and location mapping designed to ensure supply chain continuity and meet trade compliance objectives.

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Benefits of Sub-Tier Inteillegence

Identify Connections to your Tier 1

Gain immediate visibility into critical entities that may disrupt your supply chain and lead to delays. Effectively mitigate risks by comprehending the intricate connections between your tier 1 suppliers and sub-tier supply chain.

UFLPA and Forced Labor Exposure

Efficiently identify components within your supply chain linked to banned entities, forced labor, and subject to UFLPA regulations. Gain a clear understanding of potential compliance issues and ensure responsible sourcing practices.

Instant Mapping

Create a comprehensive supply view by mapping connections from your tier 1 suppliers to every sub-tier supplier. Gain valuable insights into your supply chain network and enhance visibility across the entire hierarchy.

Material Level Analysis

Efficiently analyze your sub-tier relationships by filtering them based on the raw materials utilized in the production of each component. Gain a deeper understanding of your supply chain's material dependencies for improved risk management and compliance.

Country Dependency

Gain valuable insights into your country dependencies and identify vulnerable areas within your sub-tier suppliers that are susceptible to disruptions. By understanding these dependencies, you can proactively manage risks, enhance resilience, and ensure continuity in your supply chain operations.


Real-time risk monitoring for sub-tier suppliers. Receive instant alerts on banned entities and material issues in your supply chain.

Increase Efficiency and Profitability​

Achieve operational excellence in a volatile global marketplace

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Does Compliance Manager Work for You?

Compliance Engineers

Ensure product and supplier compliance with ever-changing global regulations like RoHS, REACH, and more.

Component Engineers

Through full-source documentation and analysis, make sure every component of your product complies with global regulations.

Design Engineers

Easily conduct part searches and view qualification details to ensure parts in your designs are compliant.

Dynamic Pricing Based on Your Needs

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UFLPA Compliance
Supplier Compliance
Supplier Relationships
Component Material Analysis

Paid Subscription

Sub-Tier Intelligence  pricing depends on how many parts you need data on and the number of users who need access. To give you the best possible experience with Z2Data, we need to understand your specific needs.

Please request pricing below and we will be in touch to give you a personalized overview of the solution and discuss pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

Z2Data is SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 compliant and goes through multiple penetration tests every year to ensure that our customers data is secure. To learn more about our security measure contact us!

Can I upload full BOMs in Sub-Tier Intelligence?

Z2Data's Sub-Tier Intelligence allows you to easily upload your most complex BOMs and populate data in a matter of seconds.

Can I receive compliance data through APIs?

All the data that is available through Z2Data’s products can be accessed through API. All the data is also exportable if you would like to use it in your internal systems.

Can each module be stand alone or do they build on each other?

No tool/module is required for the other tool/module to work. In other words, they can be used as standalone tools. Using them together provides more analysis and intelligence to the data around risk.

Is the 14-day free trial really free?

Yes! You can try all the capabilities of Z2Data's Sub-Tier Intelligence for free without a credit card or PO. Sign up here to get started!

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