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With Z2Data's Supplier Insights, you can select and compare companies side by side to understand the strength of your customers. You can even compare your own company to others in your industry to see how you are stacking up. Z2Data evaluates companies based on a financial score, supply chain score, transparency score, and product data score. You are provided with all the aspects of a company's financials. Z2Data looks at who your customers outsource to, where their sites are located and the diversity of countries that their sites are located in. Supplier Insights can compare how well a company meets compliance regulations vs a competitor and allow you to view the documentation associated with those regulations. The more transparent a company is with its compliance information the higher the score they are given.

If you rely heavily on a few top customers it is advisable to track and monitor their performance/stability. If one of your customers' goes down then your business is heavily impacted, by comparing your customers' side by side you can assess who in your customer base is stable and you can build a long/deeper relationship with.

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