Supplier Insights

Regulation Compliance

Measure how compliant your supplier is with global rules and regulations

In an increasingly interconnected environment, bad press can get around quickly. Companies are making sure that their suppliers are compliant with global rules and regulations such as the Child Labor Act or the Clean Air Act. Making sure your supply chain is compliant can allow you to build good press and look better in the public eye as communities want to support organizations that are doing good by the world and their community.

Z2Data provides you with full compliance data on all your suppliers. Supplier Insights lets you know what regulations each supplier meets, as well as provides you with the documentation to support those claims. We provide you with conflict mineral reports, the organizations that your suppliers work with/are a part of, and their level of transparency with meeting those regulations. Companies that are very transparent with their regulatory compliant documentation have proven to be more trustworthy and thereby less risky to work with. Z2Data provides you with all documentation that you would need to verify if your supplier meets the regulatory and compliance rules set forth by global and local organizations.

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