Comprehensive Supplier Profiles

Receive comprehensive data on your suppliers

Information on your suppliers is key in negotiations, assessing risk, and evaluations. Z2Data's Supplier Insights provides a comprehensive list of data points on each of your suppliers in order for organizations to access an unbiased information source to improve business health and decrease supplier risk. Supplier Insights provides the following datapoints:

  • Supplier Financials
  • Site Locations
  • Supplier's Supply Chain
  • Relationships
  • Competitors
  • Litigations
  • Acquisitions
  • And more.

Z2Data's supplier database is normalized which means that there are no duplications of suppliers and each organization falls into industry categories as provided by Z2Data.

Supplier Insights is a reliable unbiased information source that can enable you to understand whether your suppliers are at risk for a supply chain disruption, their financial health, the health of their product, and the health of their manufacturing sites. This level of insight can be used to reduce costs, decrease lead times, and negotiations as you will know when the supplier has made certain product line changes or site changes that could result in financial benefits for them and thus should result in a financial benefit for you.

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