Profitability & Growth

Measuring the growth and profitability of your suppliers

In Z2Data's Supplier Insight tool, every supplier is given a financial health score. A supplier's financial health may be one of the most important risk factors when evaluating your suppliers. Z2Data takes multiple factors into account when calculating the overall financial health score. One of these factors is a supplier's profitability. If a supplier is not growing or not profitable it begins to increase the chances of bankruptcy and brings down their overall financial health. With Supplier Insights, you can make sure your supply base is financially stable and profitable, which leads to greater stability for your own business. Some of the main points taken into account to calculate profitability & growth are below:

  • Income from Continuing Operations Margin
  • EBITDA Margin
  • Retained Earnings Margin
  • Adjusted Operating Cash Margin
  • Year-over-Year Growth Including Revenue and Working Capital

Z2Data's team of financial analysts are constantly updating and analyzing this data to provide accurate and intelligent analysis when giving overall financial health scores of your suppliers. We weigh each of the points respectively to their effect on financial strength/weakness and provide you with the analytics accordingly. Should you want a deeper look at the details into the calculations, those numbers are also provided for you in the application.

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