Product Change Notices & Product Discontinuance Notifications

Get access to PCNs and PDNs on your components

Staying up to date with the latest product change notices can enable users to make changes accordingly and be proactive about their component decisions. Instead of being surprised by product changes, Z2Data's Part Risk Manager provides you with up to date data on PCNs and PDNs so you can proactively manage changes through the lifecycle of your products. Product change notices from the suppliers across PCN categories such as discontinuance, assembly site, reactivation, and new releases are provided through PCN Manager. Z2data provides all of the PCNs that are announced but enables you to filter and focus on the ones that can have a significant impact on your production so you do not have to worry about every single notice that is put out by suppliers.

Part Change Notices that Z2Data's Part Risk Manager provides include:

  • Obsolescence
  • Labeling Alerts
  • Product Discontinuance Notifications
  • Packing Change Alerts
  • Storage & Handling Alerts
  • Material Change Alerts
  • Wafer Site Changes
  • And more.

Many suppliers fail to put individual product numbers that will be impacted by PCNs and only mention the top-level product lines that can be impacted. Z2Data provides alerts based on the individual part numbers that can be impacted the same day that a notice is put out. For supplier audit and review, PCNs are also reviewed against JEDEC standards.

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