Lifecycle Status & History

View lifecycle status and historical data on 1 billion+ components

Understand the availability of component data through an easy-to-view history of lifecycle changes. A lifecycle status such as NRND can determine whether the component is available to be used in production. Using our cross-reference tool, when component data is “obsolete”, cross-references and replacements can be selected for each component. Having the latest information regarding the lifecycle of a part is critical in ensuring that the products that you are designing will have parts that are still being manufactured and not obsolete.

Z2Data's Part Risk Manager analyzes several factors to determine the lifecycle of 1 Billion+ components. The source of the lifecycle status of components is easily available on the platform.

Lifecycle statuses that we provide are:

  • Introduction – When the component is first introduced.
  • Active – When the component is actively on the market.
  • Not Recommended for New Design (NRND) – When the component is not recommended for a new design.
  • Last time buy – The last period before the component will not be available for purchase.
  • Obsolete – The component is no longer available for purchase.

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