Cross References

Easily find cross-references and replacements for 1 billion+ Components

Using excel files to find the best replacements and crosses is time-consuming and with so many different parametric measurements and specs to compare, it is subject to human error. Z2Data's Part Risk Manager provides one of the most accurate and dynamic cross reference tools in the industry. With data on 1 Billion+ electronic and mechanical components, the cross-reference feature enables you to search and instantly view form-fit-function crosses from multiple suppliers.

Z2Data's advanced cross-reference function enables side-by-side technical comparisons of parametric features without ever having to open up another datasheet again. We provide 3 different categories of direct replacements and provide the differences in parametrics so you can confidently buy components that will fit the criteria that you are looking for. These 3 categories include:

  • Drop-In A: All crosses that have the same package and pinout with 0 differences in parametric features.
  • Drop-In B: All crosses that have the same package and pinout with minor differences in parametric features.
  • Drop-In C: All crosses that have the same package and pinout with major differences in parametric features.

By having all of this information accessible on a single platform, you can compare dozens of parametric features, compliance status, and other specifications with the parts that you are looking for to find the best option that suits your needs.

To start searching for cross-references and replacements efficiently on one platform, request a free trial with Z2Data's Part Risk Manager.

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