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Many organizations may feel that after vetting their suppliers that they have already accounted for all aspects of risk. However, it is critical to consistently monitor the financial, operational, and legal health of your suppliers even after onboarding is complete. In an effort to stay on top of suppliers, you may search the internet or call suppliers for weekly updates. As opposed to finding and piecing together various pieces of supplier information, Z2Data offers one point of truth. This information allows you to maintain a “big picture” of the supply chain, manage supplier and distributor relationships, and re-evaluate supplier risk in real-time. In emergencies such as natural disasters and recovery scenarios, having instant access to comprehensive supplier profiles can contribute to a significant comparative advantage.

Each supplier profile covers datapoints on:

  • Supplier Financials
  • Portfolio of Top Products
  • Distributors
  • Competitors/Customers
  • Manufacturing Locations
  • Supply Chain
  • And more.

Z2Data has allocated hundreds of data points on each of your suppliers in order for you to view a complete supplier risk profile. You are provided with a supplier score that assesses the risk of working with that supplier on a scale of 0-100. The datapoints listed above factor into the supplier score and are constantly updated. By having an unbiased 3rd party platform providing you accurate information on a daily basis, you no longer have to search manually for information or be forced to rely on solely your supplier's word. You can confidently verify that the suppliers you work with, are in fact safe and will not pose harm to your business.

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