BOM Risk Grades

Are your BOMs at risk?

With so many factors playing a role in the overall health of your BOMs, rather than just providing you data, Part Risk Manager analyzes several datapoints and provides an overall Risk Score associated with your BOMs. To provide the most accurate evaluation of your BOMs, the tool looks at the end of life forecast associated with each of your parts, how well you multisource, the health of your suppliers, and more.

Your risk grade is on a scale of 0-100, 100 meaning that there is no risk associated with your BOM, all components are multisourced, all your suppliers are stable, and all components are active on the market and will continue to remain so for years to come. Z2Data provides a "potential BOM score" which is an improved potential risk associated with your BOM if you make a few adjustments. Recommendations on what parts or suppliers you can choose to lower your overall risk score are also provided.

To better assess risk and take proactive actions related to your BOMs, request a free-trial with Z2Data's Part Risk Manager.

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