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Compare 1 Billion+ electronic and mechanical components instantly

Comparing thousands of parts to find the best option for your products and BOMs can be time-consuming and subject to human error using excel files and PDF documents. Z2Data's Part Risk Manager enables you to search by MPN or IPN and do a side-by-side comparison of all the elements that make up the parts that you are looking for.

Part Risk Manager from Z2Data provides accurate data on similarities and differences of 1 Billion+ components ranging from parametric, market price, lead time, obsolescence, lifecycle, and more. Easily compare and find the most appropriate components for your needs.

Design & Component Engineers can compare parametric differences on:

  • Package Type
  • Technology
  • Pin Count
  • Dimensions
  • Timing Type
  • Voltage Information
  • MSL
  • And more

Procurement & Buyers can easily compare information on:

  • Market Availability
  • Prices from Authorized Distributors
  • Lead Time
  • Part Risk Scores
  • And more.

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