REACH Compliance

Are your components REACH compliant?

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals) is an EU regulation dedicated to providing authorization, transparency, and restriction around chemicals used in manufacturing and transportations of electronic components. The objective of the regulation is to improve human health and the environment by identifying potentially harmful substances. REACH stands for:

  • Registration – Manufacturers are required to submit hazardous properties of all substances during the manufacturing and transportation process of the electronic components to the European Chemical Agency.
  • Evaluation – The European Chemical Agency provides a dossier evaluation and substance evaluation of the details submitted. Additional information may be required.
  • Authorization – The European Chemical Agency allows for certain substances of concern that can be authorized for use under restricted circumstances.
  • Restriction of Chemicals – Any chemical substances deemed unsafe may be restricted by the European Chemical Agency.

Having components that are REACH compliant is mandatory if producing or shipping into any of the European Union countries. Therefore, checking the compliance of the parts you are using is critical in ensuring that your products will be able to enter these countries and not be held at the border. Checking documentation of each component is time-consuming and disrupts your ability to compare parts that are REACH compliant quickly. Z2Data provides the latest compliance status and full source documentation of REACH compliance. Easily download and view the source directly from the compliance feature page. Under certain circumstances, REACH may authorize the substances of concern to be used. In such instances, a link to the manufacturer's documentation is provided.

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