Budgetary Pricing & Lead Time

Access real-time information on pricing and lead time

With data on over 10,000 suppliers, Z2Data's Part Risk Manager gives you the most recent information on budgetary pricing and lead time of 1 Billion+ components. With various distributors selling the parts that you are looking for, searching the web for hours looking for the best pricing and lead time is time-consuming and inefficient.

Get instant access to information on:

  • Market availability of components
  • Name and amount of sellers that currently selling the component you are looking for
  • Lowest price offered by distributors
  • Market lead time for the production of components
  • The standard lead time of parts

Z2Data's Part Risk Manager enables you to compare price, lead time, the type of distributor they are (private, authorized), and access direct links to the distributor's website so you can compare and purchase components. With our deep database on lead time and pricing, you can better predict when you will receive your components and what the cost will be.

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