Custom Reports

Build your own custom reports

Z2Data provides premade reports where you upload your BOM and can obtain a report on the crosses associated with each part, product change notifications, pricing reports, supplier reports, but also allows you to build your own reports. You can select the columns in your BOM that you want to investigate and then select the information that is important to you. This ranges from:

  • Parametric Features
  • Package Data
  • Supplier Data
  • Lifecycle Data
  • Inventory & Market Data
  • Risk Analysis Data
  • And more.

Part Risk Manager enables you to create custom reports for as many BOMs as you wish and export them in any format you like. Rather than receiving a report on your entire BOM, you have the option to apply filters to all the reports so that you are only receiving information on the parts and suppliers you are concerned with.

To start building custom reports and better analyze your BOMs, request a free-trial for Z2Data's Part Risk Manager.

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