Supplier Part Replacements

Easily search and compare replacements from the same supplier

Checking the website of your distributor, searching through datasheets, and PDF documents, hoping to find components with similar parametric features to the one you are replacing can be a hassle with so many replacement possibilities and parametric features that need to be taken into consideration for the design of your product. If you are currently using a component in your product that may be going obsolete or is no longer manufactured, Z2Data's Part Risk Manager enables you to find replacements from the same distributor, so you do not have to worry about uncertainties that come with buying parts from a supplier that you have not worked with before.

Instantly get access to supplier replacements for components from a vast pool of global manufacturers. Our pre-comparison of parametric data across components from different suppliers allows you to determine at-a-glance the replacement type such as drop-in replacement, upgrade replacement, etc. Our platform helps you manage replacement decisions by showing you all the choices from the same manufacturer.

To easily view replacements for components that are going obsolete, request a free trial from Z2Data's Part Risk Manager.

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