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Researching and obtaining information on factors that make up your parts, exporting and organizing it into excel sheets, and analyzing it to make the right decision on what part to purchase is not only time consuming, but labor-intensive and inefficient. With technology upgrades and constant changes, self-built excel files can become inaccurate and outdated easily. Obsolescence, compliance with various requirements, availability of a part in the market, technological upgrades and downgrades that can impact the function and parametric of components, availability of crosses and replacement of parts, and overall risk of buying a part from various suppliers are all important factors that need to be taken into account when purchasing a component.

Z2Data's Part Risk Manager analyzes various data points and provides a comprehensive score for each individual component in our vast database of electronic and mechanical components. The data that Z2Data provides is dynamic and is constantly being updated by various dedicated teams. Z2Data analyzes several factors and gives them an individual score which all together make-up the overall Part Score. These include:

  • Obsolescence Risk - The Obsolescence Risk Score takes into account factors such as current lifecycle status, estimated years to end of life, the supplier's obsolescence behavior in the past and more.
  • Compliance Risk - The Compliance Risk Score takes into account a part's compliance with environmental regulations such as RoHS, REACH, China RoHS, and more.
  • Market Availability Risk - The Market Availability Risk Score takes into account factors such as current inventory availability from authorized distributors, shortages, lead-times, and more.
  • Technology Risk - The Technology Risk Score measures whether a part has newer technology upgrades available or is a legacy technology.
  • Multi-Sourcing Risk - The Multi-Sourcing Risk Score measures whether a part can easily be crossed to other suppliers.
  • Supplier Risk - The Supplier Risk Score takes into account factors such as this supplier's financial performance, impactful current litigations, years in business, employee count, and more.

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