UK Modern Slavery Act

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In 2015, the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the UK Modern Slavery Act. The law includes provisions to prohibit the trafficking of individuals for the purpose of modern slavery. The law requires that businesses disclose statements confirming steps to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place inside the business.

Being aware of the terms which the manufacturer of your components is operating under is necessary in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise due to a lack of compliance on their behalf, which will in turn, affect the production of your products. With regulations constantly changing, keeping up with supplier announcements regarding their compliance with these regulations is tedious and time-consuming, and can drastically impact your production/brand image. But with Z2Data's descriptive compliance reports and documentation sourcing, you can easily check any disclosures and documentation made available by suppliers regarding their compliance with the most current laws and regulations like the UK Modern Slavery Act, and stay updated if their actions can impact your products.

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