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Is your BOM Environmentally Compliant?

Compliance is an important issue for many companies. Both to meet regulations and to have a better environmental footprint. Finding compliance documentation and status is time-consuming and requires a lot of manual work.

If you want to make sure all the parts in your BOMs are compliant, you can upload your BOMs into Part Risk Manager and you are then provided with the status of compliance with halogen-free, RoHS, REACH, and more. We also provide Full Material Declaration documents for each of the parts in your BOM. We tell you what is not compliant so that you can make changes if necessary. Every part that is deemed compliant has documentation associated with it to prove it's compliance and thereby enabling you to have much more time rather than scrolling through independent sources looking for parts and the compliance documentation associated with those parts. Simply by uploading your BOMs, the latest compliance status and official documentation for all your components are provided.

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