Conflict Minerals

Ensure the minerals in your components will not slow down your production

Conflict minerals are defined as minerals that are extracted in Congo. Although the term originated in the United States, globally, the Responsible Minerals Initiative is considered the industry standard to report on conflict minerals compliance for all supply chains. In both the European Union and the United States, there are separate laws governing the disclosure of conflict minerals in electronic components. Regional certifications of conflict minerals will need to be provided to ensure compliance. Z2Data’s Part Risk Manager provides easy-to-view compliant statuses and notifications on conflict minerals to ensure that you are building products that do not include banned substances.

With extensive regulations being added regarding the manufacturing and distribution of electronic and mechanical parts, having the latest information on minerals that your components are made of, can help you minimize the impact on your supply chain and ensure that you will not be posed with national or global regulations that may halt sales.

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