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Which end products are affected due to disruptions in my supply chain?

When tracking the flow of parts through your supply chain, you may have to do some calculations to understand how many products are affected by one part. Z2Data maps out your entire supply chain for you and tells where each of your parts are manufactured. In addition to mapping, you can track the flow of parts up into your finished product. Thereby understanding which products are affected by which specific part or specific site. With Supply Chain Watch you will know immediately which end products are affected if a disruption were to occur at a specific manufacturing location. You can also display associated revenue amounts with each product to understand the revenue impact that every part and every site might have on your business.

Understanding what products are affected rather than simply what sites and parts, can allow you to plan with product teams and senior management around strategies that make sure products get to market on time and at a reasonable rate. In the event of certain disruptions, Z2Data provides you with alternative site locations you can use to ensure that delivery of your end product stays on time.

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