Part To Site Mapping

Map the manufacturing locations of each of your parts

Z2Data's Supply Chain Watch can tell you the manufacturing site locations for each of your parts and the route they take as they move into your final assembly sites. This capability is accessible for both your tier 1 and sub-tier supplier sites. You can avoid disruptions and tariff issues by knowing exactly where your parts are being produced. Many other organizations who map part to site locations are conducting a survey approach where they contact the suppliers and ask where the part is being manufactured. This takes a lot of time, is contingent on the supplier responding, and is only as accurate as the data the contact within that supplier provides.

Z2Data's process is different. Supply Chain Watch provides you with out of the box locations almost immediately. Z2Data categorizes locations in 3 main levels when mapping your sites:

  • Confirmed Locations: The part is confirmed to be manufactured at this exact site through verifiable sources (100% confidence).
  • 90% Confidence: The manufacturing sites of the part have been narrowed down to one or more from 5 maximum locations.
  • Possible: The manufacturing sites of the part have been narrowed down to more than 5 possible locations.

If the sites are in the 90% or "possible" levels, Z2Data's team will continue to investigate until those sites are moved to a confirmed status. This allows you to confidently know that your entire supply chain has been mapped out all the way to the sub-tier site level in an accurate manner within a fraction of the time.

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