Supply Chain Watch

Event Monitoring & Mapping

Mapping dashboard of where events occur around the world

Rather than simply receiving notifications of where a supply chain disruption occurs, it helps to visualize these events, their epicenter, and how far they spread on a map. Z2Data displays every event that is impacting your supply chain on a map for you to visualize the location, size, and spread of the event. Within Z2Data's Supply Chain Watch tool, you can interact with each of the visualizations on the map to receive more detailed information about that event like what parts were affected, how many manufacturing sites, and alternative sites you can call to receive products on time.

This enables you to quickly see what sections of the world are affected by potential disruptions and investigate those disruptions accordingly. Z2Data is constantly monitoring events and updating the mapping dashboard accordingly. You can see in real-time certain events that are "closed" or no longer affect your geographies or new ones that you should be concerned with.

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