Event to Site Mapping

Monitor events affecting your sites

Z2Data maps each of your parts to their respective manufacturing sites and the route they take throughout your supply chain into your final assembly sites. This allows you to track your parts' tier 1 and sub-tier manufacturing locations.

Z2Data is also monitoring all events that occur around the world. You can see all the events around the world that may affect your manufacturing site locations and thereby your parts. The different types of event categories that Supply Chain Watch tracks are the following:

  • Aviation
  • Food Incidents
  • Hazmat
  • General Incidents
  • Natural Disasters
  • Geo-Political & Trade Issues
  • Health and Disease
  • Crime & Terrorism
  • Labor & Human Slavery

Z2Data can map the size and spread of the event, thus allowing you to understand what sites it impacts and which sites it has not impacted. By understanding what type of event, and the effect it has on your site you can plan and adapt accordingly in order to limit the disruption to your supply chain.

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