Event Severity & Impact

See the events that are impacting your supply chain

You may be tracking events that are within the same locations as your sites, but how do you know if those events will actually affect your supply chain or if they have no impact? Rather than getting alerts on every event that is happening near your sites, you can filter and only receive notifications on events that have a major impact on you. This way, everything you see requires action and you are not getting spammed with meaningless events that don't affect you.

When analyzing an event Z2Data first calculates the severity of that event, (magnitude of an earthquake for example) and then looks at the resiliency of your site to that event, meaning is your site resilient to floods and storms or has this particular disruption actually impacted your site. An event can have a severity impact on the below scale:

  • Minor
  • Moderate
  • Major
  • Severe
  • Extreme

Once the severity of the impact is understood Z2Data analyzes your site, the region, and the event itself to determine an impact probability score. This tells you the probability that your site will be impacted. We provide you with an estimated duration of the impact and what type of disruption it will cause i.e. manufacturing disruption, shipping delay, etc. Once you understand the probability that an event will impact you, you can build playbooks and adapt accordingly to these potential disruptions.

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