Manufacturing Locations

Mapping your supplier's manufacturing sites

Z2Data looks at a multitude of different manufacturing/distribution locations. You can track supplier locations to see where each of your parts are being made and whether or not a specific site is causing a problem to the delivery of timely product. This way you know when your supply chain is slowing down and can take action to stay up to 100% efficiency. A few of the location types that you can track and map are:

  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Test
  • System Assembly
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution Center

As the customer, you have the ability to customize the site types that are used here. Meaning you can edit the names of each of these site locations to fit internal terminology. Z2Data's Supply Chain Watch enables you to track the flow of your parts all the way to your final distribution centers. Z2Data also monitors not only the sites of your suppliers but also your sub-tier suppliers as you can track the movement of parts all the way to your final site location.

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