What Is a Component Database?

What is a component database? Where can you find critical component data in one place? Compliance data for components on REACH, RoHS, and more.

Find critical component data in one place

A components database enables users to find critical information on relevant electronics and mechanical parts. Z2Data features a components database with its own Part Risk Manager.

Part Risk Manager features data on over 1 billion electronics and mechanical parts and this data ranges from lifecycle status and forecasts to market availability, lead times, compliance and regulatory information, cross references, and more. With the Part Risk Manager components database, there is no need to search across multiple websites for critical component data and information. It's all found in one place.

The benefits of a component database

An important feature of a components database like Part Risk Manager is Bill of Materials (BOM) management. After uploading your BOM to our parts database, the database enables you to conduct in-depth risk analysis for issues such as obsolescence, compliance, and market availability across all of your parts within each BOM.

A components search database also offers better part selection through vertical indexing. Rather than searching in a basic search engine that covers millions of topics, your search is refined specifically to component-specific data, automatically expediting your search process by leaving out unnecessary information.

Another critical aspect a component database helps with is managing obsolescence. With Z2Data's patented Lifecycle Forecasting algorithms, you can keep track of part lifecycle status across all of your BOMs and plan product redesigns.

How a dedicated component database improves work efficiency

1. Up-to-date parametric information

When developing or searching for new components for your BOMs, having the most up-to-date information on parametric features is critical to creating a product that is functional and performs as expected. Spending hours poring over different PDF files and contacting suppliers for the most up-to-date information on parametric features might significantly slow you down. Part Risk Manager's component database features an Advanced Parametric Search which allows you to search and filter components with parametric features that fit the form and function that is most appropriate for your products.

2. Efficient cross searches

With so many details to assess and constant design modifications and part obsolescence events, searching for component crosses without a component database is time-consuming and prone to human error. By looking up any MPN, The Park Risk Manager component database from Z2Data allows you to easily see form-fit-function crosses from myriad providers as well as replacements from the same source. When looking for crosses, Z2Data's Advanced Cross Search offers critical information on various drop-in types and matches to ensure you find the optimal cross component.

3. Expedited data searches

Without a component database, you're left searching through older datasheets, excel forms, manufacturer websites, material declaration forms, and other sources that provide crucial information regarding component specifics is a redundant, wasteful, and time-consuming activity.

Z2Data's Part Risk Manager component database provides a holistic and in-depth view of specifications and essential information on 1 billion+ components by gathering and standardizing data on all of these elements.

4. Sophisticated product family searches

There may be instances when you need a comprehensive view of the parametric data associated with a family of components. A sophisticated deep search feature allows you to search by product family to access lifetime, lifecycle prediction, and datasheet information at the family level. When you search for product lines by product family, you will see all of the parts that belong to that family, allowing you to make sensible supplier selections based on product lines.

5. Faster component comparisons

Using excel files and PDF documents to compare thousands of parts to discover the best solution for your products and BOMs wastes time and leaves you prone to error. Z2Data's Part Risk Manager allows you to search by MPN or IPN and compare all of the aspects that make up the parts you're looking for.

6. Easy data exports

If you discover what you're searching for in the component database and want to keep it for your records or show it to others. All of the information given by Part Risk Manager is simply exportable into any of your preferred formats.

Z2Data's Part Risk Manager allows you to quickly export reports on your BOMs, create your own reports to export, and export data to Excel, CSV, or Text on parts that you have searched.

Using a component database for compliance

Z2Data's Part Risk Manager component database also features compliance data to ensure your BOMs and products meet the various compliance measures enforced around the world.

Ensure EU and China RoHS compliance

EU RoHS is a European Union rule that restricts the use of hazardous compounds in electronic components such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium, among others. The regulation's goal is to encourage the recycling of hazardous chemicals. Any electronic component entering the EU must comply with this requirement. Electronic component shipments will be detained at the border until certification of conformity is provided. To avoid any transportation concerns into European Union nations, you must have up-to-date information on the compliance status of all your parts. Manually looking for the material declaration and compliance status of each individual part proves to be time-consuming.

A component database like Z2Data's Part Risk Manager displays EU and China RoHS compliance statuses and notifications on 1 billion+ electronic components in an easy to-read format. Manufacturers' full source documentation for EU RoHS compliance is available for download. If the electronic component is compliant due to an exemption, the nature of exemption will be indicated as well.

REACH compliance help

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals) is an EU legislation that provides authorization, transparency, and restrictions on chemicals used in the manufacture and shipping of electronic components. The regulation's goal is to promote human health and the environment by detecting potentially hazardous compounds. ‍

REACH-compliant components are required for manufacturing or exporting into any European Union country. As a result, assessing the conformity of the parts you use is crucial in ensuring that your products may enter these nations and are not stopped at the border. Checking paperwork for each component takes time and interferes with your ability to swiftly compare REACH-compliant parts. Z2Data's component database delivers the most recent REACH compliance status as well as comprehensive source documentation. Directly from the compliance feature page, you may download and view the source. REACH may approve the use of the compounds of concern in specific circumstances. A link to the manufacturer's documentation is supplied in such cases.

Assessing conflict minerals

Conflict minerals are minerals exploited in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Despite the fact that the phrase originated in the United States, the Responsible Minerals Initiative is widely regarded as the industry standard for reporting on conflict minerals compliance across all supply chains. Separate rules regulate the disclosure of conflict minerals in electronic components in both the European Union and the United States. To achieve compliance, regional certifications of conflict minerals will be required. Z2Data's Part Risk Manager component database displays compliance statuses and notifications on conflict minerals in an easy-to-read format, ensuring that your goods do not contain prohibited compounds.

Access to Full Material Declaration documentation

An XML file including all of the information of an electrical component is known as a Full Material Declaration. It is available through our component database for download and import into Product Lifecycle Management applications. This file may be used by Product Managers to cross-check compliance statuses and compliance details in order to make more informed supply chain choices.

Searching through many suppliers' websites for their entire material declaration forms to confirm that the materials used in their parts are safe and compliant is an inefficient approach. Z2Data's Part Risk Manager includes Full Material Declaration forms as well as direct links to the source if they have made them public.

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