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Yet Another Disruption: What to Do?

Disruptive events attack our supply chains every week. But there is a way to fight back...
Chase Correll
April 29, 2021

Roughly 2,000 supply chain disruptions occur each year—which ones are impacting you? Without a dedicated support system like Supply Chain Watch, you wouldn't know. With what-if analysis, part-to-site mapping, and site location data, Supply Chain Watch enables your company to have a complete view of its supply chain and how it's affected by disruptions such as:

Part to Site Mapping

With our geographic location mapping, you will have a clear picture of your global supply chain. You will have the means to track your components from Tier 1 to Tier 3 suppliers, providing a level of location detail that is not achieved by other supply chain tools.

Instantly map components in your BOM to your manufacturing sites such as EMSs, FABs, assembly sites, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. Knowing where your parts are manufactured is a crucial factor in supply chain risk mitigation. Because once you know the manufacturing sites for your parts, you can begin assessing the risks of each site.

Site Location Data

Get in-depth data on the site location of your Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers. With this data, you can look at each site's historical events, the probability impact of upcoming disruptive events, and announcements from previous events. Supply Chain Watch features a Site Resilience Score, where we assign each site in your supply chain a score ranging from 0 to 100. A high score means a site is low-risk for disruptions. For example, a site with a score of 40 puts your company at a higher risk for supply chain disruptions than a site with a score of 90.

Site Resilience Scores are calculated by analyzing tariff risk, geopolitical risk, country stability risk, natural disaster risk, and more.

Trying to analyze those risks by monitoring the news, talking to coworkers, or reading newsletters is nearly impossible, as well as a huge time-sink. Z2Data is constantly obtaining new information and updating its Site Resilience Scores.

This unique ability to map manufacturing site locations from a part number, combined with Site Resilience Scores, is only possible with Supply Chain Watch.

Risk Analysis

Qualitative risk analysis for parts is also offered in multiple capacities. A part's supply risk score is analyzed within the database and sole-site vs multi-site factors are heavily considered in the score. The more factories that make a part, the easier it is to source said part if your supplier experiences a disruption.

Risk analysis is also conducted for each country inside of your supply chain. Country X may have higher geopolitical risks—such as tariffs, protests, etc.—while Country Y may have a higher risk of natural disasters. In either case, each country's risk factors are taken into account and weighted into a risk score, allowing you to identify the links in your supply chain that are most prone to disruption.

Event Alerts

Once you've identified risky areas in your supply chain through the Supply Chain Watch tool, you can utilize Z2Data's event alerts system to stay up to date on any event of interest that potentially impacts your supply chain.

Take the ongoing posturing between China and Taiwan. If your team has significant supply chain ties to Taiwan and/or China, then you can receive alerts whenever China flies its jets into Taiwan's airspace; or whenever the US sails a navy ship across the South China Sea.

Events of even greater impact are tracked as well. Factory fires and extreme weather events are all tracked and sent to companies whose supply chains are potentially affected by such disruptive events.

How This Impacts You

With all of the data and insights on-hand from Supply Chain Watch, you are able to see the impact events can have on your supply chain.

Revenue Impact reports provide an overview of how impactful a component is to your product line. With this report, you can evaluate which manufacturers have the most impact on your revenue, and you can quickly find alternative components at alternate manufacturing sites.

How Z2Data Keeps Watch

Z2Data's Supply Chain Watch offers powerful supply chain risk mitigation features. Supply Chain Watch provides unique insights not found elsewhere with part to site mapping, site location data, and site risk scores in one comprehensive tool. Start your free trial today!

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