Steps to RoHS Certification

Discover what you need to know about RoHS certification, from testing to process audit and documentation review, before a RoHS Certificate of Compliance can be issued

Steps to RoHS Certification

The following are the steps needed for RoHS certification:

  1. Testing: Either on-site or XRF testing and/or lab phthalate solvent extraction testing must be done to determine the values of the ten restricted RoHS substances. The testing results must be fully documented in a certified test report to demonstrate that your product complies with the RoHS directive.  
  1. Process Audit: Inspection of all applicable manufacturing processes used towards RoHS compliance must be done on-site.
  1. Documentation Review: All documents including, the Bill of Materials, Technical File, assembly drawings, materials declarations, test reports, and conformance/compliance certificates from all suppliers must be submitted for review.
    The Technical File must contain the following:
  • General product description and design structure information
  • Risk assessment of materials, parts, and subassemblies
  • Conformity information on materials, parts, and subassemblies
  • Manufacturing documentation and records
  • Harmonized standards, specifications, and conformity procedures  

4. Certification Statement: A RoHS Certificate of Compliance (also known as a Certificate of Conformity or Declaration of Conformity) is issued after a successful audit.

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