How QSC Optimized Their Electronic Component Selection and Supply Chain Risk Management Program

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Electronics Manufacturing

Company Size

500 - 1,000


Costa Mesa, CA, United States

The Background

QSC is a globally-recognized leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of award-winning solutions and services with R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, support and operations teams across multiple continents.

QSC was using various tools to manage its component selection, compliance, and supply chain risk management, which created operational inefficiencies and did not fully meet the companies needs.

"Z2Data is used anytime I need to look at a component, from selection, qualification, and reliability, to manufacturing. Many people forget about the manufacturing process and reflow compatibility."


To help streamline operations and bridge the gap and increase operation productivity, Karon Evanoff, the SVP of Global Operations, recommends streamlining the supply chain risk management program by using Z2Data’s Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Platform and a suite of products.

After thoroughly vetting and onboarding the Z2Data Compliance Module, the QSC executive team recognized the benefits of incorporating fully integrated supply chain risk management solutions. As a result, Z2Data’s Part Risk Manager and the Supply Chain Watch tools were also integrated within QSCs business units.


Z2Data is now being used from start to finish of the component journey from component selection, BOM analysis, PCN and Life-Cycle management, compliance, cross-reference analysis, and reliability testing to sourcing, helping bring agility and agility resiliency to QSC’s supply chain management process.

The parts are first analyzed for design feasibility, life cycle status, availability, and compliance prior to being approved for production and sourcing. The tool is further used to receive real-time alerts and to mitigate supply chain disruptions such as component obsolescence.  

Increased Productivity

Time Savings

Resilient Lifecycle Management

Adam Doolittle
“The tool is worth every penny.  It’s a valuable and critical tool. There is nothing that I want that is not in the tool. I would say Z2Data saves me a minimum of 10 hours a week, and this is just in my role.
"Z2Data touches all aspects of the component, from design to manufacturing. It not only saves me time but also that of the regulatory compliance, procurement, and design teams. Each departments saves so much time using Z2Data’s platform."
Adam Doolittle
Component Engineer
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