Get Complete Visibility and Control of Your Supply Chain with Z2Data's Supply Chain Watch

Instantly monitor your supply chain by mapping your components to your suppliers' manufacturing sites, including FABs, factories, and assemblies. With Z2Data's Risk Scores for supply chain, you can easily compare the location site risk and conduct effective disaster mitigation planning. Conduct "what-if" analyses for supplier sites, enabling you to prepare for disaster recovery and comply with your business continuity goals with ease. Gain greater visibility and control over your supply chain, and ensure that your operations are always running smoothly, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

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"Z2Data has been a valuable tool allowing our organization to avoid supply driven product redesigns and, alternatively, massive inventory over-purchasing."

James Slider

"The great thing about Z2Data is that it has been evolving with the industry and global requirements. The tool has been helping us more and more as we have been using it, and the benefits to the company have been increasing with our usage."

Nicole Lie
Program Delivery Manager for Strategic Initiatives, Rakon

"Z2Data touches all aspects of the component, from design to manufacturing. It not only saves me time but also that of the regulatory compliance, procurement, and design teams. Each departments saves so much time using Z2Data’s platform."

Adam Doolittle
Component Engineer, QSC

"What we’re now doing is building out a global component library with a connector – or data feed – from Z2Data, which is the world’s most comprehensive aggregator of electronic component-level attribute information...we are building enormous resiliency into our supply chain at the front-end of the design process."

Heath A. Nunnemacher
VP of Global Electronics Sourcing, Techtronic Industries

Benefits of Using Parts Risk Manager

Part to Site Mapping

Instantly map components in your bill of materials to manufacturing sites such as EMSs, FABs, assembly sites and factories. Geographic location mapping enables you to get a complete picture of your global supply chain.

Site Details

Get in-depth data on each site location of your Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers. Conduct risk analysis based on natural disasters, historical events at each site and announcements from previous site events.

Risk Analysis

Get access to risk data for in-depth analysis based on part supply risk (sole-site vs multi-site), revenue impact by product type, country level risk and site level risk.

BOM Risk Analysis

Conduct deep risk analyses across all of your BOMs and AVLs. Upload list of vendors and ensure low risk suppliers are being used in your supply chain.

Event Monitoring

Monitor events that impact your site locations globally. Receive real-time and summarized alerts for impact analysis of your direct and sub-tier suppliers.

Export Data

All the data is Z2Data's platform is exportable and available through API. Easily integrate with internal tools and conduct analysis in your environment.

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