Deep data on all your components

Get instant access to 1 Billion+ components' data ranging from lifecycle status, lifecycle forecast, regulatory compliance, market availability, cross references and more. Easily upload your Bill of Materials and Approved Vendor Lists to run detailed reports and risk analyses. Exporting data to a variety of formats is simple and you can even automatically integrate with leading PLM tools.

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Benefits of Using Parts Risk Manager

Better Part Selection

Stay informed while making part selection decisions and monitor existing parts with data on Lifecycle, RoHS, Cross-References & Market Availability data and more.

Manage Obsolescence

Keep track of lifecycle status of parts across all of your BOMs and plan product redesigns with Z2Data's proprietary Lifecycle Forecasting algorithms.

Full Compliance Data

Check compliance status of parts and download compliance documentation for regulations ranging from RoHS to REACH, Conflict Minerals, UK Modern Slavery Act, WEEE and more.

BOM Risk Analysis

Conduct deep risk analyses across all of your BOMs and AVLs for issues ranging from obsolescence, compliance and market availability. Export Z2's data to your favorite tools easily.

Monitor Every PCN

Manage PCNs across suppliers and products easily in one centralized location. PCNs are reviewed against JEDEC standards to allow for supplier audit and review.

Lead Time & Pricing

Z2Data’s scoring algorithm predicts suppliers' risk of bankruptcy and assigns risk scores to determine the impact of their financial health on your supply chain.

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Instantly Access data on 1 Billion+ Electronic Components

Web based, always available component data.
Upload unlimited BOMs with version histories.
Improve BOM risk scores with automatic recommendations.
Export data to any PLM and internal tool.
Give your team accurate data on 1B+ parts.
World class 24x7 customer support.