Eliminate Conflict Minerals From Your Supply Chain

Ensure conflict minerals compliance with ease using Z2Data's Part Risk Manager. Our platform allows you to check the compliance status of over 1 billion electronic and mechanical parts, download conflict minerals compliance documentation, and more. Quickly upload and check the conflict minerals compliance risk of your BOMs and products. Stay ahead of compliance for regulations including Conflict Minerals, RoHS, REACH, China RoHS, SCIP, UK Modern Slavery Act, and more. Let Z2Data's Part Risk Manager take the stress out of conflict minerals compliance and keep your business in compliance with ease.

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"Z2Data has been a valuable tool allowing our organization to avoid supply driven product redesigns and, alternatively, massive inventory over-purchasing."

James Slider

"The great thing about Z2Data is that it has been evolving with the industry and global requirements. The tool has been helping us more and more as we have been using it, and the benefits to the company have been increasing with our usage."

Nicole Lie
Program Delivery Manager for Strategic Initiatives, Rakon

"Z2Data touches all aspects of the component, from design to manufacturing. It not only saves me time but also that of the regulatory compliance, procurement, and design teams. Each departments saves so much time using Z2Data’s platform."

Adam Doolittle
Component Engineer, QSC

"What we’re now doing is building out a global component library with a connector – or data feed – from Z2Data, which is the world’s most comprehensive aggregator of electronic component-level attribute information...we are building enormous resiliency into our supply chain at the front-end of the design process."

Heath A. Nunnemacher
VP of Global Electronics Sourcing, Techtronic Industries

Latest Compliance Management Software

Supplier Smelter Analysis

Z2Data will enable you to remove any suppliers with smelter sites involved with conflict mineral regions from your supply chain.

Calculated Compliance

With documentation on 1 billion+ electronic and electromechanical parts, Z2Data's software analyzes FMDs to provide a calculated compliance status based on the specific substances inside of your parts so you don't have to.

Document Management

Download compliance documentation for regulations ranging from RoHS to REACH, China RoHS, SCIP, CA Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, TSCA, UK Modern Slavery Act and more. Easily upload & check the compliance risk of your BOMs.

Supplier Contacting

On documentation that is not readily available out of Z2Data's database, our teams will contact manufacturers on your behalf in order to obtain the necessary documents you need in order to declare compliance for Prop 65f.

Compliance Templates

Once product is compliant, generate and export product level compliance templates and documentation.

Supplier Compliance

Check if your supplier are combatting human trafficking & slavery, and compliant with global rules and regulations.

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What we’re now doing is building out a global component library with a connector – or data feed – from Z2Data ...we are building enormous resiliency into our supply chain at the front-end of the design process.

Heath A. Nunnemacher - VP of Global Electronics Sourcing

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