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Visibility into tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers down to fabrication location

Dive deeper. Track your parts' tier 1 and sub-tier manufacturing locations and map each of your parts from manufacturing to final assembly.

Event monitoring from various sources for accurate reporting

Monitor events affecting critical supplier sites. Map the size and spread of the event, and see which of your sites are most affected by potential supply chain disruptions like natural disasters, geopolitical events, human rights violations, and more.

Real-time & relevant alerts for critical events that impact you

Cut out all the noise. Receive real-time alerts on events that actually have a potential impact on your supply chain.

Forecast the impact of supply chain disruptions

When a potential supply chain disruption occurs, Z2Data analyzes the event severity and impact before alerting your team about the event's impact probability--giving you the roadmap you need to combat potential disruptions.

Why Z2Data for Supply Chain Resilience?

Strengthen the weakest links in your supply chain

With increased visibility into tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers, multi-source event monitoring, real-time alerts, and disruption forecasts, Z2Data allows your team to strengthen even the weakest spots of its supply chain.

Part-to-site mapping and improved visibility

Monitor your entire electronic supply chain from one platform

Map out your global (and local) supply chain with our data on over 1 billion parts and thousands of suppliers. Improve your team's visibility into tier-1 and sub-tier suppliers by tracking your parts to their fabs, assemblies, test sites, and more.
Design to avoid obsolescence and DMSMS
Supplier resources

Find other suppliers when you need them most

Disruptions happen. If a critical supplier becomes affected, your team can pivot to another supplier with the help of Z2Data's in-depth supplier resources and parts database.
See supplier sources from tier 1 and on

Get real-time alerts on disruptive events

Receive real-time alerts about product-specific events like PCNs/PDNs, lifecycle changes, and compliance changes; as well as supplier-specific disruptions like geopolitical events, natural disasters, supplier changes, and more.
Design to avoid obsolescence and DMSMS

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