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Dynamic data for innovative enterprises

Consumer electronics is ever evolving. Consumer expectations need to be met at every level. Supply chain complexities create a need for data-driven decisions to build a supply chain that matches constant industry changes. Z2Data's comprehensive database is leveraged by consumer electronics powerhouses to mitigate supply chain risk and to continue innovating the technologies of tomorrow.

Z2Data: Essential for Consumer Electronics

Cross Reference

Cross Reference

Side-by-side technical comparisons for 1 billion+ electronic and mechanical parts.

Lifecycle Status Forecast

Compliance Certifications

Easily meet compliance standards with document sources and full material declarations for RoHS, Reach, SCIP,
Prop 65 and more.

Manage PCNs

Lifecycle Status

View accurate lifecycle status and comprehensive risk analysis for all of your parts.


Supplier Selection & Mapping

Map and compare 10,000 suppliers. View risk analysis with part to site mapping of tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers.

Lead time & Pricing

Manage PCNs & PDNs

Receive and manage all Product Change and Discontinuation Notifications in one organized space.

Country of Origin

Professional Services

Z2Data's responsive team will reach out to suppliers and distributors with any inquiries on your team's behalf.

Supplier Selection & Mapping

BOM Risk Analysis

Upload your entire bill of materials and view complex reports onarding lifecycle forecasts, compliance criteria, and risk analysis for your parts.

Approved Vendors

Approved Vendors

Mitigate supplier selection by purchasing from approved vendors. View real-time pricing and inventory all on one platform.

Environmental Compliance Management

Monitor updates to environmental regulations

Limit your organization’s exposure to litigations, avoid costly penalties, and reduce carbon footprint by staying up to date with the latest compliance certifications for your parts and suppliers. Leverage Z2Data to view and monitor compliance certifications of parts and suppliers with regulations like RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, UK Modern Slavery Act, California Prop 65, and more.
Design to avoid obsolescence and DMSMS
Manage Tier 1 and Subtier Suppliers

Understand your supplier's sources

Gaining visibility into your tier 2 and 3 suppliers can be difficult if you are relying on your tier one suppliers to provide you with that information. Z2Data’s advanced software maps out your parts to manufacturing sites and provides valuable tier 1 and sub-tier supplier insights. With these insights you can lower costs, monitor events, reduce disruptions, and improve transparency in your supply chain.
See supplier sources from tier 1 and on
Adjust to Shifting Supplier Constraints and Preferences

Get insight into your suppliers business position

Full transparency into a supplier’s financials, relationships, manufacturing locations, and manufacturing constraints can be critical in forecasting how they will perform in different circumstances. Manage supplier relationships and sourcing locations by getting the latest insights about your suppliers’ business position and make data-driven decisions to proactively plan and conduct supplier-risk analysis.
Track global geopolitical events

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