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The automotive industry faces constant supply chain challenges. From shortages and delays to redesigns and recalls, it's as important as ever for automotive companies to invest in their supply chain resilience. Z2Data leverages its comprehensive parts and supplier database to improve supply chain resilience for leading automotive companies. Manage components, increase tier 1 and sub-tier supplier visibility, predict product lifecycles, ensure compliance standards are satisfied, and more with Z2Data.

Z2Data: A Smoother Road to Supply Chain Resilience

Supplier Selection & Mapping

Supplier Selection & Mapping

Map and compare 10,000 suppliers. View risk analysis with part-to-site mapping of tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers.

Lifecycle Status Forecast

Compliance Certifications

Easily meet compliance standards with document sources and full material declarations for RoHS, Reach, and more.

Lifecycle Status Forecast

Lifecycle Status

View accurate lifecycle status and comprehensive risk analysis for all of your parts.



See the latest qualification information for more effective reliability calculations to maximize customer safety

Lead time & Pricing

Informed Part Selection

Find and compare reliable automotive grade components from authorized distributors

Country of Origin

Technology Roadmap

Check part scores to ensure you are sourcing the best tech available in the market.

Supplier Selection & Mapping

Approved Vendors

Mitigate supplier selection by purchasing from approved vendors. View real-time pricing and inventory all on one platform. Avoid counterfeit parts

Approved Vendors

Event Alerts

Receive alerts on disruptive events that are critical to your supply chain.

Component Selection Reliability

Avoid recalls. Meet compliance standards and specifications.

Z2Data ensures automotive companies have little trouble sourcing reliable electronic components. Customer safety is a top priority in the automotive industry and having the ability to confidently choose parts from authorized distributors is critical for success. Avoid costly recalls and counterfeit parts and meet compliance standards  with Z2Data's Part Risk Manager.
Design to avoid obsolescence and DMSMS
Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Monitor disruptive supply chain events. Increase visibility of tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers. View comprehensive supplier profiles.

Supply chain visibility in the automotive industry has decreased over the years as more players become involved in the making of a part. Z2Data enhances automotive supply chain visibility with its comprehensive supplier database that provides supplier insights, part-to-site mapping, and supply chain event alerts. Automotive companies can also use Z2Data to discover their supplier's customer prioritization. Will one company rank higher on the list during a shortage? Also, supplier diversification is made easier through increased manufacturing visibility.
See supplier sources from tier 1 and on
Flexibility and agility are essential aspects of automotive supply chains.

Flexibility and agility are essential aspects of automotive supply chains.

Just in time (JIT) production and inventory systems are the norm in the automotive industry. Due to this, companies in the industry need to be highly proactive during critical supply chain events. Unpredictable disruptions happen and having real-time data on global events increases an automotive company's ability to successfully maneuver through disruptions. Z2Data's supply chain alerts provide critical information to notify a company whether or not an upcoming or ongoing disruption will affect production.
Track global geopolitical events

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