No-Cost COVID-19 Resources for Companies Combating COVID-19

Z2Data and Digi-Key have partnered together to offer priority support, same-day shipping and component data for companies creating devices such as ventilators and testing solutions to help tackle the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic. Sign up for the program to receive immediate no-cost access to Z2Data’s solutions and Digi-Key’s priority support.

Get same-day, no-cost access to Part Risk Manager and Supply Chain Watch. Create and manage your Bill-of-Materials with auto-populated component data from Z2Data to get to market faster.
  • Access Data on 1 Billion+ Electronic Components
  • Deep Parametric Search
  • Find Cross-References & Alternatives
  • View Inventory Availability, Pricing, Lead-Times
  • Create & Manage Bill-of-Materials
  • And more.

“With over 2.2 million components in-stock and available for immediate shipping, Digi-Key’s inventory-rich model has been a huge asset during this unpredictable time. We are looking forward to helping more organizations innovate to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic with our extensive support and same-day shipping.”
  • Get priority support for COVID-19 related products.
  • Access the largest selection of electronic parts.
  • Immediate shipping for over 2.2 million components.
  • Learn more at’s COVID-19 update page.

Get Z2Data Access & Priority Digi-Key Support

You will receive same-day access upon program approval.

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