We are dedicated to the Electronics & Technology Industry.

Z2Data offers intelligent business data, integrated software solutions, analytics tool and professional services, all leading to proactive and measured decisions that avoid disruptions to the enterprise.
Intelligent Business Data | Integrated Software Solutions | Professional Services

20+ years of electronic component data domain expertise

Z2Data's founding team has built the electronic industry's data solutions for the past 20+ years. Our collective domain expertise enables us to provide unique and new solutions to the industry's most important problems.

380+ employees and growing

Our electronic industry domain experts have in-depth knowledge of component data, supply chain data, financial and data normalization. Z2Data's growing software team is dedicated to building robust risk management solutions for the electronics industry.

End-to-end solutions for your entire supply chain.

Z2Data's software and data products provide comprehensive coverage that manages and mitigates enterprise risk for roles ranging from Component Engineers, Design Engineers, Supply Chain Management and Business Continuity leadership.
One Centralized Platform

One Centralized Platform Serving

Z2Data has one centralized risk management platform that serves various roles within engineering and supply chain operations environments reducing the need to purchase multiple enterprise-wide solutions and manual work.

Constantly Updated Software

Constantly Updated Software

Z2Data's software system is built with the latest web technologies enabling high performance and flexibility in reporting and software features. Weekly software releases ensure constantly updated features and enhancements.

Comprehensive Data Offerings

Comprehensive Data Offerings

The depth and breadth of Z2Data's database provides comprehensive analysis to even the most complex bill of materials. New data features driven by customer feedback are added daily enhancing the already large high quality database to continue to grow.

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Z2Data's built-in Support Ticket System enables users to submit tickets for any issues or clarifications needed for software and data, with a 24hr response turnaround time.

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