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Part Risk Manager, Supply Chain Watch, and Supplier Insights are all equipped with alerts related to component production, supplier events, natural disasters, and other factors that can disrupt the supply chain. If you are using these solutions, you will be able to receive alerts on your suppliers, manufacturing sites, and components.

Park Risk Manager enables you to create and receive alerts on part lifecycle, compliance regarding various requirements, new PCNS as well as supplier litigations, financial announcements, management changes, acquisitions, and more. Part Risk Manager also provides summarized alerts along with the source where they got the news so that you have documentation if needed.

Supply Chain Watch enables you to get alerts on events that are happening around the globe that can have a potential impact on your supply chain. Easily get access to updated event types, severity levels, event summaries, locations, impact probability, and impact on your parts and locations. Get alerts on crime, natural disasters, health incidents, geopolitical and trade issues, and more. Easily export the data to your favorite tools.

Supplier Insights enables you to receive alerts related to all your suppliers. Search through 20,000+ suppliers and view alerts related to financial announcements, litigation, even supplier announcements, and more. Instantly view current and historical data on the type of alert, alert summaries, and alert source and stay up to date with the latest events regarding your suppliers.

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